The Fifth SCEN China Youth Summit Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of SCEN Held in Edinburgh

Organized by the Scottish China Education Network (SCEN ), the Fifth SCEN China Youth Summit Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of SCEN was held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on 2 December 2016. Lord Wilson of Tillyorn, President of SCEN, Dr. McClure, Chair of SCEN, Professor Gentz, Co-Director of the Confucius Institute for Scotland at the University of Edinburgh attended the event. Nearly 600 delegates from all walks of life were also present at the function, including representatives from the Scottish Government, the British Council as well as students from HKSEC & HKSSIP Hong Kong partner Schools, Scottish Confucius Institutes and Classroom Hubs, other universities and schools. Mr. Zhang Limin, Deputy Consul General of China in Edinburgh was invited to the event.

Deputy Consul General Zhang said that education is an important area of cooperation between China and Scotland. Up to now, more than 200 Scottish schools are running Mandarin program and more than 20,000 students are learning Mandarin and Chinese culture with numbers increasing. Chinese culture is rich and varied with Chinese philosophy as an important part. The British philosopher Bertrand Russell once said that to learn and apply Chinese philosophy would help better solve the crisis and challenges faced by the whole world. While learning, the Scottish students should get to know more about the core concepts of "harmony in diversity", "human being is an integral part of nature" and other core theories of Chinese philosophy so as to further understand the essence of Chinese culture.


Lord Wilson of Tillyorn, Professor Gentz and other guests of honour said that they are thrilled to see the educational exchanges and co-operation between Scotland and China have developed so fast, so many Scottish students love to learn Mandarin and Chinese culture, SCEN has become such an important player over the past ten years in promoting educational exchanges and co-operation between Scotland and China. Scottish students should deepen their knowledge of Mandarin and Chinese culture through all kinds of platforms and channels, including Confucius Institutes and Classroom Hubs, in order to pave roads and build bridges for the promotion of friendship between Scotland and China.


During the event, student representatives from both China and Scotland spoke one after another on the stage about the importance of learning Chinese language and culture, shared the gains and pleasure of their studies with the audiences, and presented wonderful performances showcasing their achievements in Chinese learning. 

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