Consul General Pan Xinchun Visits Fettes College

On 4 May, Consul General Pan Xinchun paid a visit to Fettes College where he delivered a speech to the students and had a cordial meeting with the headmaster Michael Spens.


In his speech, Mr. Pan spoke highly of the Fettes College for its outstanding achievements in education. He indicated that well-educated students with global vision need knowledge about China. As the second largest economy, China has made huge contributions to the global development. He introduced the close links between China and Scotland by giving examples of people's daily life. Mr. Pan said, the demand in other countries for Mandarin speakers is increasing as China's cooperation with the rest of the world is deepening with a growing number of people learning Chinese language and culture. In Scotland alone, nearly 30,000 students from primary and secondary schools are learning. He encouraged the students to work hard and gain more understanding about China so as to build a bridge of friendship and cooperation between China and Scotland.

At the meeting with Consul General Pan, Mr. Spens said  Fettes College has already maintained close contacts with China. The school not only has a number of Chinese students, but also chooses Mandarin as one of the major language courses. He visited China many times and wished to further deepen the school's cooperation with China and explore new partnership programs. 

During the visit, Mr. Pan had a tour of the campus. He was also briefed on the development of the School's Mandarin teaching and interacted with the students.

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