The First Primary Confucius Classroom in Scotland Officially Launched

On 25th May, the first primary Confucius Classroom in Scotland was officially launched at the Cross Arthurlie Primary School at East Renfrewshire Council. Chinese Consul General Pan Xinchun attended the ceremony and unveiled the plaque. The event was also attended by Tian Li, Co-Director of Confucius Institute for Scotland's Schools (CISS), Lin Fan, Executive Director of CISS as well as parents, representatives from the Council, and around 300 staff and pupils.


On that day the School was decorated by the traditional Chinese cultural features with decorations of Chinese flag, Chinese painting and calligraphy. Performances including Chinese famous song Jasmine, Auld Lang Syne (Chinese vision),and Chinese dances given by the students from the School and the St Ninian High School with question-answer related to China, were greatly enjoyed by all pupils and aroused their interest in learning Chinese language and culture. 


Consul General Pan delivered warm remarks, speaking highly of the excellent performances and congratulating the Cross Arthurlie Primary School on the establishment of Confucius Classroom. He paid tribute to CISS, the School and the Chinese teachers for their hard work and great contributions in promoting Chinese language and culture. He also introduced the close links between China and Scotland with vivid examples and wished the pupils success in their learning.


At present, 22 Confucius Classroom Hubs at secondary schools in Scotland have been established under CISS with another 12 primary Classrooms due to be launched in the future.

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