The Chinese Consulate General Holds Reception in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to the Motherland

Chinese Consul General Pan Xinchun held a reception at the Consulate General on 29 June 2017, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to the Motherland, attended by over 100 guests including Provost of Stirling, Provost of Falkirk, representatives from the Scottish government and parliament, Scottish friendship organizations, Chinese institutions, overseas Chinese people and students as well.


Consul General Pan gave an overall introduction in his speech on Hong Kong's achievements in economic, political and social development over the past 20 years, pointing out that the Central Government of China has unswervingly and continuously carried out the policy of "One Country Two Systems", "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy by strictly adhering to the Basic Law. Consul General Pan said that since Hong Kong's return to China, the central government has given full play to the role of Hong Kong in adopting and executing the national development strategy by promoting extensive exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and the mainland, providing a fundamental guarantee for Hong Kong's comprehensive progress in various undertakings and solid backing for Hong Kong's economic, social prosperity and long-term stability. The "One Country Two Systems" policy in Hong Kong has demonstrated great vitality. Its practice has turned out to be a huge success, widely recognized and appreciated by both Hong Kong and international communities. Looking ahead into the future, with the contacts between Hong Kong and the mainland getting much closer, Hong Kong will gain more comprehensive and direct support from the country's development. He expressed that, under the leadership of the Central Government of China, we are confident that the people from all walks of life in Hong Kong will work hard and together to enjoy economic prosperity and social stability in the years to come, and bring Hong Kong into a brighter future.


Consul General Pan noted that this year marks 45th anniversary of Ambassadorial diplomatic relations between China and the UK, and also a year for consolidating the "Golden Era" of bilateral ties. Hong Kong has an important role to play in the China-UK relations. The Scotland Development International has established a Representative Office in Hong Kong. Both sides enjoy close cooperation and achievements in such fields as economy, trade, education and culture. He firmly believes that Hong Kong will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the UK, contributing to China-UK friendship as well as the "Golden Era" of the bilateral ties.


With great interest, guests watched historical photos of Hong Kong since her return to China at the reception. They highly spoke of the successful practice of the "One Country Two Systems" policy and the achievements ever since, wishing Hong Kong prosperity and its people happiness in future.   

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