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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on June 13, 2014


Q: What is China's comment on the recent tensions in Iraq? Have Chinese citizens or institutions there been affected?

A: The Chinese side follows closely the security situation in Iraq, supports the efforts by the Iraqi government to maintain national security and stability and hopes to see an early restoration of security, stability and order in Iraq.

The Chinese government attaches high importance to the security and the lawful rights and interests of Chinese citizens and institutions in Iraq. The Chinese Embassy in Iraq has asked the Iraqi side to take concrete measures to ensure the security of Chinese citizens there. In response to the recent tensions in Iraq, the Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy have issued travel alerts, advising Chinese citizens not to go to Iraq for the time being and Chinese citizens in Iraq to follow closely the security situation on the ground, take security precautions and stay away from the conflict zone.

The Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Iraq will continue to follow closely the developments of the situation in Iraq and take all necessary means to ensure the security and the lawful rights and interests of Chinese citizens and institutions in Iraq.

Q: Iraqi anti-government militants have seized Mosul and Tikrit. How does China see the armed group? The US government has announced its support to the Iraqi government in fighting against the group. What is China's comment? Those militants have also kidnapped staff from the Turkish Consulate in Mosul. What is China's comment?

A: I made clear China's position on this issue yesterday. China follows closely the current security situation in Iraq. We strongly condemn the terrorist attacks against diplomatic institutions and civilians in Mosul. Relevant parties should immediately and unconditionally release the hostages.

We support the Iraqi government in safeguarding national security and stability. The Chinese side has long been providing a variety of assistance to Iraq. We are ready to continue with our help as our capacity allows and hope to see an early restoration of security, stability and order in Iraq.

Q: The US and Australia have recently arrived at a new military cooperation agreement, enabling the US to send more troops to its military base in Australia. What is China's comment?

A: The Asia-Pacific belongs to all. Peace, stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific serves the common interests of all parties. We hope that cooperation between relevant countries will play a positive and constructive role in upholding peace, stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific.

Q: The UN will hold in the coming September a summit on climate change. What are China's expectations for the summit? Will China be at the summit?

A: China welcomes the summit on climate change to be held by the UN in September. We believe that the summit will help improve international cooperation against climate change, pool the political will of all parties and push forward the world campaign against climate change and the realization of sustainable growth. We hope that the international community can take the summit as an opportunity, stick fast to principles such as "common but differentiated responsibilities", strike a balance between mitigation, adaption, technology transfer and financial support and pay heed to difficulties faced by developing countries in tackling climate change.

China is endeavoring to make ecological progress and is working hard to deal with climate change. We are ready to make our contributions to the campaign against climate change together with other countries.

Q: Afghanistan will hold a run-off vote on June 14. What is China's comment on that?

A: China appreciates the large amount of preparation work done by the Afghan electoral institute for the second round of presidential election. We hope to see a peaceful and smooth election in Afghanistan which will lay a solid foundation for the realization of peace, stability and development in Afghanistan. China attaches importance to the growth of China-Afghanistan strategic and cooperative partnership. Together with all parties, we are ready to continue with our support to Afghanistan in its peaceful reconstruction and national reconciliation and work for lasting peace and common development in Afghanistan and the whole region.

Q: A Japanese official made comments on the abnormally close encounter of Chinese and Japanese military jets today, saying that planes in the video and photos released by China are not the ones Japan mentioned to China in its protest, and demanding that China take down the footage. The Japanese side also denied China's claim that the Japanese military jets followed the Chinese military jets and came as close as 30 meters. How does China respond?

A: Yesterday on this podium, I clearly expressed China's position on the so-called abnormally close encounter of Chinese and Japanese military aircrafts. The Defense Ministry of China has given details about what has happened and put on its website relevant video and photos. In disregard of the ironclad evidence, people from the Japanese side still made such kind of remarks, which can only be described as barefaced, senseless and unreasonable. We require the Japanese side to stop all provocations in both word and deed.

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