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Liu Yandong: China-US People-to-People and Cultural Exchanges Take on Unprecedented Favorable Situation


On July 10, 2014, Vice Premier Liu Yandong delivered remarks at the plenary session of the fifth round of China-US High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE), and spoke highly of the positive achievements of the CPE mechanism.

Liu Yandong said that proposed by the two heads of state five years ago, the CPE mechanism emerged at the right moment and has promoted China-US people-to-people and cultural exchanges to take on an unprecedented favorable situation. The scale of exchanges has been constantly expanding, with 13 achievements in four major fields in the first round of Consultation in 2010 increasing to the today's 104 achievements in six major fields including education, science and technology, culture, sports, women and youth. Nearly 200 achievements have been implemented over the past five years, and a collection of flagship projects on people-to-people and cultural exchanges have exerted far-reaching impact on the society of both countries.

Liu Yandong said that the level of cooperation in China-US people-to-people and cultural exchanges has been constantly elevated, extending gradually from the state level to the level of grass roots, and over 240 pairs of friendly provinces and states as well as cities have been formed, and mechanisms such as the provincial and state governors' forum and markets summit have been established. China's "Three Ten-thousand Programs" and the US's "One Hundred Thousand Strong Initiatives" have promoted the mutual understanding between young students of the two countries and even between the two great countries.

Besides, the leading role of China-US people-to-people and cultural exchanges is increasingly displaying, and more and more ordinary people benefit from it. Liu Yandong said that Gary, a student from the Dartmouth College in the US who once participated in the "China-US Youth RME Partnership", was touched by the struggle of ordinary Chinese people and said that from them he saw his own shadow and the similarity between the "American Dream" and the "Chinese Dream". A Chinese student Wang Huailin said that the differences between China and the US exist objectively, but they should not become obstacles for us to understand such differences from the perspective of the other side. The Gallup poll made in the US in 2013 showed that the American people, with their age ranging between 18 and 29 who take China as their "ally" and "friend", reached 72 percent. It is these trickles that are increasingly enriching the connotation of respect, understanding, inclusiveness and mutual trust, deepening friendship between the two peoples, and thus injecting inexhaustible impetus into the development of the bilateral relations.

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