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China applauds Zimbabwe move to cap salaries of state firm bosses
China to send special envoy for Tanzania's anniversary  (2014-04-24)  
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on April 23, 2014  (2014-04-24)  
Kenya Expects More Tourists From China To Boost Industry  (2014-04-23)  
Zambia: Chinese Honour Kk  (2014-04-23)  
Tanzania: Foreign Direct Investment From China to Surge 50 Percent  (2014-04-23)  
Xi Jinping visits three African countries 2013
Hui Liangyu visits Namibia, Zimbabwe 2012
Jia Qinglin attends the AU Summit 2012
Yang Jiechi visits three African countries 2012
Liu Yandong visits three African countries 2011
8th Senior Officials Meeting of FOCAC
Wu Bangguo visits four African and Asian countries 2011
 Sino-African Relations
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on April 16, 2014
Chinese companies unaffected by South Sudan conflict: FM
China condemns Nigeria kidnappings
 Exchanges and Dialogues
China to send special envoy for Tanzania's anniversary
Zambia: Chinese Honour Kk
Chinese Ambassador Hosts a Party to Celebrate the 90th Birthday of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda
 Entering Africa
Mozambique reports 16 confirmed dengue cases
China condemns Nigeria kidnappings
China condemns bomb attack in Nigeria
News Analysis: Nigeria's bus station explosion: one killing too many
UN chief calls for global partnership against genocide
 Academic Exchanges
Nigeria, China hold conference on conflict resolution
Speech by Mr.Lu Shaye, Director-General of African Department of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the seminar of Chinese Dream, African Dream--Achieving Common Development through Joint Efforts
Application Forms for China-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Programme
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Sunset view in Cairo
Journey of life on African savanna
Dream Park in Cairo
Rainbow appears over sky of Madagascar
World Heritage: Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
Daily life in Monufia Governorate of Egypt
Best creature comforts by a long neck
Madagascar's lemurs face extinction threat
Chinese peacekeeping troops arrive in Liberia
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