Notice Regarding The Issuance of Biometric Visas

        According to relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, starting from December 14th 2020, the Chinese Embassy in UAE and the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai will collect all ten fingerprints of the person who applies for a Chinese visa and issue biometric visa to him. Those who meet one of the following criteria shall be exempted from fingerprints:

        1. Under the age of 14 or over the age of 70;

        2. Holding a diplomatic passport or meeting the issuing conditions of a Chinese diplomatic, official or courtesy visa;

        3. Having applied for a Chinese visa with the same passport in the same Embassy or the same Consualte General and having had fingerprints collected within 5 years;

        4. Suffering from handicap of all ten fingers or from impossibility of fingerprints collection.

        Please note that all visa applicants should have their fingerprints collected in person. Visitors to China are responsible for all the consequences in case of entry rejection due to forged or substituted fingerprints.

The Embassy of P.R. China in UAE

30 Nov 2020

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