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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Yang Yanyi, Head of the Chinese Mission to the EUat the Open House Event for Chinese and European Young PeopleRemarks at the Open House Event for Chinese and European Youth

Dear friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me special pleasure to welcome young participants of the China-EU Entrepreneurship Summer School to the open house event at the Chinese Mission. I wish to congratulate Think Young on organizing the Summer School and thank Think Young for its kind assistance and support.

The launching of the China-EU Entrepreneurship Summer School and today's event is a clear reflection of our deep interest in and affection for the course of building strong ties between the youth of China and the EU.

Since my arrival in Brussels six months ago, I have been making an effort to meet with people within and without the EU institution, including students of the College of Europe, EU 40 of the European Parliament and young people from the media and academic circle.

From all these interactions I am impressed not by the diversity but by the closeness of shared aspiration for world peace, prosperity and progress and shared desire for building stronger ties between China and the EU. I am especially encouraged by the commitment of the young people of both China and Europe to play an outstanding role and a role of leadership in that effort.

And today, I am overwhelmed by the warmth and enthusiasm of so many young people from more than 20 countries in Europe and more than 20 well-known universities of higher learning in China to join in the ranks of building a bridge of friendship between China and the EU.

Since my colleagues will share with you their observations and perspectives of China-EU relations and China today and tomorrow, I will save my breath and not go into great details. I will, however, offer a piece of humble advice with regard to how to appreciate China, as I understand it the Summer School program will take some of you to China.

Very briefly, to better understand China, one needs to have a proper understanding of China's history, culture, the Chinese people's way of thinking and the profound changes taking place in China today. The 5,000-year-long Chinese civilization, the 170-year struggle by the Chinese people since modern times, the 90-year-plus journey of the Communist Party of China, the 60-year-plus development of the People's Republic and the 30-year-plus reform and opening-up should all be taken into account.

That sounds very demanding and challenging, isn't it? Well, this time your visit to China might be something like "getting a passing glance at the flowers on horse back". In the future though we hope you will have more opportunities to "take a closer look at and fully appreciate the flowers by getting off the house back". Vice versa, I hope my Chinese young friends will do the same.

I am sure though China and Europe may seem far apart geographically, the intensified interactions between our two peoples will bring us closer and closer, and will enable our young people to perceive the world with equality, respect and love and treat different civilizations with appreciation, inclusiveness and the spirit of mutual learning. And with your youthful energy and hard work, you will make our planet a better place to live in.

Thank you.

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