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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on Informal Luncheon of G20 Foreign Ministers

Q: On the sidelines of the G20 Hangzhou Summit, China organized a meeting for the foreign ministers of the G20 countries. Can you give us more details? what were discussed and what were achieved?

A: Many foreign ministers of the G20 member states accompanied their leaders to come here and attend the G20 Hangzhou Summit. Following the tradition established by successive hosting countries, an informal luncheon was arranged for the foreign ministers, which was presided over by Foreign Minister Wang Yi and attended by more than ten foreign ministers from Russia, South Africa, the ROK, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore and so on.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that all countries have their interests interconnected in this globalized world. In face of all the problems plaguing the world, to stay aloof marks no way out. To work together for common development is the only option. The international community should have a stronger belief in the community of shared future for mankind and join hands to forge a new type of international relations surrounding a core of win-win cooperation.

Foreign ministers exchanged views on regional hotspot issues and major issues of common interest, including counter-terrorism, refugee, climate change, and sustainable development.

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