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Chinese netizens join CPC's 90th founding anniversary celebration

BEIJING, June 26 (Xinhua) -- Votings for outstanding Party members, singing "red songs", competing in Party history contests. Chinese netizens have been expressing their own best wishes for the Communist Party of China (CPC) ahead of its 90th birthday.

As one of the most influential online events to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, a nationwide online recommendation activity for outstanding Party members has received so far 67.2 million votes.

More than 540,000 netizens have participated in a Party history contest as of June 19. At weibo.com, China's most popular microblogging service, the contest had more than 28,000 followers.

Months before the founding anniversary that falls on July 1, many major Chinese websites, such as sina.com.cn, qq.com, sohu.com and xinhuanet.com, started to arrange special pages reporting news and historical events concerning the Party with the background theme of red.

Figures show that an average of more than one million netizens visit these pages every day.

However, official activities were not enough. Netizens' red-themed passions also need to be entertained.

"The Founding of a Party," an epic star-studded film marking the CPC's 90th birthday, inspired more than 530,000 microblog posts at weibo.com.

A batch of red-themed songs that were once popular among the previous generations once again became popular search key words recently as many netizens sought a chance to listen to them or sing their own versions.

"Without the Communist Party, there wouldn't have been a new China," it is said to be the most frequently used saying among tens of thousands of netizens' posts and comments addressing the Party's 90th birthday.

"It's a profound truth expressed through the plainest words. It's what ordinary people feel during our daily life. It's built upon CPC members' own theories and practices. In predicaments, it unites us; in hard work, it encourages us; in victory, it leads us forward..." wrote a user at 163.com on the understanding of the saying.

This comment has been backed by other netizens for thousands of times.

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