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Chinese Ambassador Xie Hangsheng Gave Interview to Danish Broadcasting Corporation

On December 15, 2010, Ambassador Xie Hangsheng had an interview with a journalist from Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and expressed his views on China's reform and opening up as well as the international economic cooperation.


Amb. Xie said, "Common Prosperity" is an ultimate goal for China which appears in many 5 year plans and takes a long period of time to finally realize. During the 11th 5 year plan China has made big progresses in various areas, and in its 12th 5 year plan, China will focus on transforming the pattern of economic growth.


Regarding to the international cooperation, Amb. Xie emphasized, that to handle the conflicts brought by globalization, all countries should abandon the outdated zero-sum game attitude, keep away from trade protectionism and avoid politicalizing economic problems. Only by keeping the win-win cooperation in mind and making international organizations play a more positive role, can we have a better future together.

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