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Ambassador Deng Ying meets Premier of Greenland Self-Government

On October 28th, Ambassador Deng Ying met Mr. Kim Kielsen, Premier of Greenland Self-Government and his delegation that were due to visit China soon. The two sides discussed deepening the cooperation in fields such as trade, culture, tourism and consular protection.

Ambassador expressed the great importance that China attaches to the exchanges and cooperation with Greenland. She noted that Mr. Kielsen would be visiting China when the 19th National Congress of CPC was just successfully concluded. She believed this visit will further enhance the mutual understanding and friendship and will bring new opportunities for the mutually-beneficial cooperation in all fields.

Mr.Kielsen stressed that Greenland highly values the cooperation with China and he looked very much forward to this visit, which he believes will bear rich fruits.

At the invitation of Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kielsen, Premier of Self-Government of Greenland will visit China from October 29th. Vice Premier and Minister for Industry, Labor, Trade, and Energy, Minister for Fisheries and Hunting, Minister for Mineral Resources and Acting Vice Minister for Independence, Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, etc will also join the visit.

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