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Xi Jinping Meets with Assistant to the US President for National Security Affairs Susan Rice

On July 25, 2016, President Xi Jinping met with Assistant to the US President for National Security Affairs Susan Rice at the Great Hall of the People.

Xi Jinping pointed out that over the past 3 years, President Barack Obama and I have met with each other for several times and have reached plenty of important consensus. Particularly, we have decided to make joint efforts to establish a new model of major-country relationship and promoted bilateral relations for many tangible results. China pays high attention to China-US relations and stands ready to work with the US to firmly keep the overall development direction of bilateral relations, stick to the principles of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, enhance mutual trust, deepen cooperation, and manage and control differences in a constructive way, so as to facilitate the continuous and stable development of China-US relations.

Xi Jinping emphasized that China and the US should focus on enhancing mutual trust. China's development goal is to let 1.3 billion Chinese people live an abundant life. When China grows strong, it will never seek hegemony. China does not intend to challenge the current international order or rules either. The common interests shared by China and the US far outweigh their differences, and the two sides can and need to cooperate in many areas. Both China and the US should actively expand cooperation in bilateral fields such as economy, trade and investment, multilateral fields such as tackling climate change, as well as international and regional issues, so as to make practical cooperation the ballast stone of China-US relations. Both sides should effectively manage and control differences, and respect each other’s core interests.

Xi Jinping pointed out that G20 is a major platform for global economic governance. Under the current circumstances, as the world's two largest economies, China and the US should closely cooperate, jointly push the G20 Hangzhou Summit for positive results, spread confidence to the whole world and inject impetus into the global economic growth. I expect to meet with President Barack Obama again in Hangzhou in early September, so as to inject new impetus into China-US relations in the next stage and chart the course and lay a foundation for the continuous and stable development of bilateral relations.

Susan Rice conveyed greetings from President Barack Obama to Xi Jinping, and noted that President Barack Obama looks forward to visiting China to attend the G20 Hangzhou Summit in September and holding meetings with President Xi Jinping again. Susan Rice expressed that President Xi Jinping's view on US-China relations is very similar to that of President Barack Obama. President Barack Obama always believes that US-China relations are the most important bilateral relations in today’s world. China's success is in line with the interests of the US. If the US and China can join hands for cooperation, both sides can inject new impetus into the efforts of the international community in dealing with a series of global challenges including climate change. The US supports to enhance mutual trust through joint efforts, strengthen practical cooperation and make it the ballast stone of US-China relations, and stands ready to keep close communication with China so as to effectively manage and control differences.

State Councilor Yang Jiechi and others attended the meeting.

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