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Xi Jinping's State Visit to the ROK
Premier Li Keqiang Holds Annual Meeting with the British Prime Minister and Visits the UK and Greece
The 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games
Premier Li Keqiang Visits Ethiopia, the African Union Headquarters, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya
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The 6th Ministerial Meeting of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum to be Held in Beijing         Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Visit the Republic of Korea         Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development of the French Republic Laurent Fabius to Visit China        
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· The Practice of the "One Country, Two Systems" Policy in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(2014-06-11)
· Dai Bingguo: Jointly Build the Silk Roads for the 21st Century With Openness and Inclusiveness(2014-07-12)
· Bring About a Better Future for China-Africa Cooperation(2014-05-07)
· Speech at the College of Europe(2014-04-02)
· Friendship and Cooperation Bring Better Life To Both China and Europe(2014-03-29)
· China-Germany Cooperation for the Benefit of China, Europe And the Whole World(2014-03-28)
· Special Friends, Win-win Partners(2014-03-26)
· Statement by H.E. Xi Jinping President of the People's Republic of China at the Nuclear Security Summit(2014-03-25)
· Premier Li Keqiang Meets the Press(2014-03-14)
· Foreign Minister Wang Yi Meets the Press(2014-03-12)
· Joining hands, and dreams(2014-02-11)
· New Development in China, New Opportunities for the World(2014-01-25)
· Li Keqiang: Reshaping the world economy through reform, opening up and cooperation(2014-01-24)
· Wang Yi:Seek Common Ground While Shelving Differences And Meet Each Other Half Way To Find a Political Settlement of the Syrian Issue(2014-01-23)
· China's Development Makes for a Better World(2014-01-14)
· Build on Past Progress to Develop a New Model of Major-country Relations Between China and the United States(2014-01-02)
· Embark on a New Journey of China's Diplomacy-Address by Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Symposium "New Starting Point, New Thinking and New Practice 2013: China and the World"(2013-12-18)
· Opening Remarks by Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong At APEC Informal Senior Officials' Meeting(2013-12-13)
· Toast at New Year Reception for 2014 Of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(2013-12-12)
· Building on Past Achievements to Make New Progress And Shaping the Future Through Asia-Pacific Partnership(2013-12-11)
· The Evolving Security Situation in Asia and the Role of China---Speech by H.E. Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin at the Luncheon of the 9th CSCAP Conference(2013-12-04)
· China's Diplomacy At a New Historical Starting Point(2013-11-05)
· Hand-in-Hand Toward a Better Future(2013-10-11)
· China at a New Starting Point(2013-09-29)
· Sustainable Development––The Road to Achieve Chinese Dream and Human Progress(2013-09-26)
· Toward a New Model of Major-Country Relations Between China and the United States(2013-09-21)
· Yang Jiechi:Innovations in China's Diplomatic Theory and Practice Under New Conditions(2013-08-17)
· The Diversified Employment of China's Armed Forces(2013-04-17)
· President Xi Jinping Gives Joint Interview To Media from BRICS Countries(2013-03-20)
· China's Online English News Media Use Survey(2012-12-31)
· Diaoyu Dao, an Inherent Territory of China(2012-10-03)
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