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The Negotiation of a Protocol to the Biological Weapons Convention

As a State Party to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), China supports the objective and purpose of the convention, and advocates the complete prohibition and thorough destruction of all weapons of mass destruction including biological weapons. China has strictly observed the provisions of the convention. It supports the efforts to strengthen the effectiveness of the convention, and has actively participated in the work of the Ad Hoc Group of the States Parties to the convention set up for negotiating a protocol to the BWC.

China is in favor of establishing necessary verification mechanism for the BWC. Such verification measures must be appropriate, fair, reasonable and feasible, taking into full consideration the balance between rights and obligations for States Parties, as well as the balance between the effectiveness of verification measures and protection of the legitimate security and commercial interests of States Parties. China believes that international cooperation and exchanges in the field of bio-technology is one of the purposes of the convention and will play an important improving the universality and effectiveness of the convention and its protocol. Therefore, while formulating effective verification measures in the protocol, international cooperation and exchanges in the field of bio-technology should also be strengthened.

Until now, the negotiation of the protocol has achieved a steady progress. China stands for the conclusion of the negotiation before the commencement of the Fifth BWC Review Conference (2001), and is against imposing any other artificial deadline. China looks forward to working together with other States Parties to conclude, as soon as possible, a good protocol acceptable to all parties, so as to strengthen the effectiveness of the convention in a genuine and comprehensive manner.

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