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China's Defense Expenditure


Since the Reform and Opening-up, with the shift of focus to its economic development, China's national defense has remained in a state of low-input and self-preservation. In recent years, China has gradually increased its defense expenditure. Apart from input in necessary weaponry and equipment upgrading, the main purpose of the increase in China's defense expenditure is for improvement of the living conditions of its military personnel. Along with the growth of China's economy and the overall improvement of the people's life, the salaries and allowances of military personnel should be increased accordingly.

In spite of increase in amount, the proportion of China's defense expenditure in State fiscal expenditure has almost been the same with those of the previous years. Compared with other major countries in the world, China's per capita and per-serviceman defense expenditure, and the percentages of defense expenditure in both the GDP and the State fiscal expenditure are at a much lower level.

According to relevant UN General Assembly resolutions, the Chinese Government decided, from 2007, to report annually to the Secretary-General of the UN basic data of its military expenditures for the latest fiscal year. This is a significant step on the part of China in further enhancing its military transparency, which fully demonstrates that China is committed to improving mutual trust with other countries in the military field.

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