Xi Jinping Attends Appreciation Reception for International Olympics, Paralympics Support and Delivers Speech


On September 19, 2008, the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Beijing Olympic Organization Committee (BOCOG) held an appreciation reception in Fangfeiyuan, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse to express gratitude to the international community for its support to the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics. Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping attended the reception, where he delivered a speech.

Xi voiced his sincere congratulations to the athletes from various countries and regions for their outstanding performances at the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games on behalf of the Chinese government and people. He also expressed his heartfelt appreciation to all those who have made contributions to the complete success of the two Games.

Xi said the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games have both come to a conclusion and China has honored its solemn commitment of delivering a high-standard Olympic Games with distinctive features and presenting two Games of equal splendor.

The Olympic events were the stage for the athletes to realize their dreams and achieve glory, Xi said, noting the Olympic and Paralympic games were also platforms for people worldwide to boost friendship and increase mutual understanding. He said that the success of the two Games is attributable to the joint efforts by the Chinese people and people all over the world.

The Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games were short, but the friendship between the Chinese people and people of other countries will last forever, Xi noted. He said the two events left the world with spiritual legacies of solidarity, friendship and cooperation, which helped China and the outside world better understand each other. "We Chinese people are very proud of creating and carrying on those spiritual legacies."

Xi emphasized that China will unswervingly deepen reform and opening up, and firmly adhere to the open strategy based on mutual benefit and win-win results. He pledged that China will steadfastly take the path of peaceful development and work with people of other countries to share development opportunities, cope with challenges and jointly be dedicated to building a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity.

Hui Liangyu, Liu Qi, Liu Yunshan, Liu Yandong, Ling Jihua, Meng Jianzhu, Dai Bingguo and Deng Pufang attended the reception.

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi hosted the reception. Officials from relevant agencies of the CPC Central Committee and State Council as well as around 380 foreign envoys and representatives of international organizations in China attended the reception.

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