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The Notice of Confucious Institute Scholarship Program 2010

The Confucious Institute Scholarship Program 2010 is started to accept applications from now. The students who would like to apply for the Scholarship shall log on to the webside of Confucius Institute Scholarship ( http://cis.chinese.cn ), register, fill in the application forms, print them out, sign and mail one copy of the forms and other necessary appication materials to the Cultural Section of Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, and one copy directly to the university or college the students choose. Please submit the forms and materials to the Chinese Embassy before March 20, which is the deadline for the application procudure to close.

The necessary materials for application include:

1. Application forms for Confucious Institute Scholarship Program 2010.

2. Photocopy of the passport.

3. Application statement (more than 200 words) to introduce the Chinese language ability, study plans and goals in China of the candidate. The statement should be written in Chinese or English and signed. Those who apply for the MD program of International Chinese Language Education should elaborate on the study and research plans in China.

4. Certificate of Chinese Language Ability. Those who apply for the MD program of International Chinese Language Education should submit the copy of HSK Exam records.

5. Diploma and academic records issued by the schools or educational institutions from which the candidates graduated, with the offical stamps of the schools on them. The diploma and records issured in languages other than Chinese or English should be submitted together with the certified translations in Chinese or English. Those who would like to pursue a degree should submit the recommendation letters from two professors in Chinese or English.

The contact person and address of the Culture Section of Chinese Embassy:

Ms. Liu Yaohong

Culture Section,

Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Nepal



Tel: 00977-1-4415383

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