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The Embassy of China Holds 2018 Chinese Tibetan Losar Reception

On January 24, 2018, the Embassy of China in Nepal held 2018 Chinese Tibetan Losar reception in Kathmandu to celebrate the traditional Tibetan festival with patriotic overseas Tibetans in Nepal.

Ambassador Yu sent sincere wishes to all the guests present and said that China-Nepal political, economic and cultural cooperation has been further strengthened in 2017. The support of the patriotic overseas Tibetans in Nepal contributes a lot to the development of China-Nepal relations .

Ambassador Yu introduced the economic and social development of Xizang and expected patriotic overseas Tibetans , as always, to care for the development of homeland and make more contribution to national unity and ethnic harmony.

Gesaer Cultural Troupe from Sichuan Province presented wonderful performances and the Chinese Embassy also held a "Xizang Photo Exhibition" at the reception.

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