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Notice on Airline Boarding Requirement for Passengers Who Have Received COVID-19 Vaccination

Starting from March 1 2021, all passengers flying to China from Nepal who have received COVID-19 vaccination, shall upload the "Vaccination Certificate" in addition to the requirements of the previous notice (please refer to "Important Notice on the adjustments of HS/HDC code requirements" issued on February 19,2021, http://np.chineseembassy.org/eng/News/t1855081.htm)when apply for HS/ HDC code.

The "Vaccination Certificate" shall include details as name, gender, date of birth or age, name of vaccine, date of first dose, date of second dose, location of vaccination, signature of doctor and official seal of medical institution. The HS/ HDC code will be issued after the verification and consideration of the submitted documents. It is recommended to bring the "Vaccination Certificate" when boarding and for further reference.

Passengers who have received the COVID-19 vaccination outside China and are flying to China via a third country, shall apply for HS/ HDC code in advance from the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country of origin in accordance with the above requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Whether passengers who have received COVID-19 vaccination need to take IgM anti-body test if they are flying to China?

Answer: Passengers who have received COVID-19 vaccination must take nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests before departure. No matter what the IgM anti-body test result is (positive or negative), the passenger must upload the vaccination certificate.

2.How to upload the vaccination certificate?

Answer:There is option of “Have you got a COVID-19 vaccination” in the Online Health Declaration Code Application System to upload the vaccination certificate.

If you received COVID-19 vaccination, please click“yes”and select the following options as listed in the “Please select the manufacturer of the vaccines you have been injected with”,“Please select the time of your final vaccine shot”and“Please upload a photo of your vaccination certificate”in the Online Health Declaration Code Application System. Please fill in the relevant details of vaccination and upload the vaccination certificate.

3. If the serum IgM antibody test is positive, but the vaccination certificate cannot be provided, can the green health code/HDC code be obtained?

Answer:Those who have completed vaccination but have not obtained the vaccination certificate, if the serum IgM antibody test is positive, will not be able to obtain the green HS/HDC code.

4.Whether passengers who have received COVID-19 vaccination can avoid quarantine after entering China?

Answer:At present, all passengers flying to China are required to be quarantined for medical observation and tested at the port of entry. The specific duration of quarantine and the type of testing are subject to the measures implemented by the COVID-19 prevention and control departments at the city of entry.

     Chinese Embassy in Nepal

         February 26, 2021

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