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Urgent Notice on Four Tests in Two Hospitals for Passengers flying to China from Nepal

With the resurgence of coronavirus around the world, the South Asia has become one of the most affected areas. In order to better prevent and control the pandemic and reduce cross-border transmission, the relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

1. Starting from April 25, all passengers flying to China from Nepal, including those who have lived in Nepal for long, those who come to Nepal temporarily from China, and those who transit from a third country, need to take four tests at two hospitals within 48 hours before boarding in Nepal, literally to have nucleic acid test and serum IgM antibody test at two different hospitals designated by the Chinese embassy respectively.

When applying for the HDC code, besides uploading 2 nucleic acid negative reports and 2 serum IgM antibody negative reports, all passengers should follow the Important Notice on the Adjustments of HS/HDC Code Requirements(link: http://np.china-embassy.org/eng/News/t1855081.htm)on February 19 and upload valid Nepal visa, latest Nepal entry stamp, all air tickets itinerary and other related materials required by the Embassy. Those who come to Nepal from a third country need to upload the screenshot of the green HDC code issued by the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country of origin as well. Otherwise, their applications will not be accepted at all.

2. The designated testing institutions are as follows. If you need door to door service, please contact the two hospitals directly to make an appointment. Samples collected by any third party(home care service providers)will not be accepted.

3. The Chinese Embassy again reminds passengers of third countries bound for China to be cautious about choosing to transit in Nepal. Before arranging the trip, please carefully read the relevant notices on this website such as the Reminder on Strictly Abiding by the Adjustments of HS/HDC Code (link:http://np.china-embassy.org/eng/News/t1858893.htm) on March 4. Those unable to meet the requirements of the notices shall bear all the losses themselves if they insist on coming to Nepal for transit.

4. Those who have received vaccination are kindly required to check the Notice on Airline Boarding Requirement for Passengers Who Have Received COVID-19 Vaccination on February 26th (link:http://np.china-embassy.org/eng/News/t1857015.htm). Those with the history of being infected with Covid-19, or with no certain diagnosis but positive in any of nucleic acid test, IgM or IgG antibody test (except for positive IgM and IgG antibody due to the vaccine) should check the notice on March 4th.(link: http://np.china-embassy.org/eng/News/t1858893.htm)and strictly follow the requirements for conducting the tests, quarantine and being monitored.

Thanks for your understanding of and support to the prevention and control of pandemic.

Consular Line of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal: 00977-1 4431511; Special Pandemic Line: 00977-9828713715.

Global Consular Protection and Emergency Service Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China: 0086 -10 -12308.

Chinese Embassy in Nepal

April 26, 2021

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