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Reminder on the Risk of Tourist Activities Including Paragliding

Over a period of time, several Chinese citizens encountered accidents while participating in the paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal. They fell from the paraglider, lost valuables such as mobile phones, and were sent to hospitals for physical and psychological greatly stimulated.

Paragliding in Nepal is a high-risk tourist activity. Some agencies lack necessary experience on its management and do not buy accident insurances for tourists who participate in the activities. They do not have professional rescue measures and equipment once accidents occur. Frequent and serious accidents may cause personal injuries, even deaths of the tourists which could produce many disputes after the accidents.

The Chinese Embassy in Nepal once again reminds Chinese tourists in Nepal of the risk of participating in tourist activities such as paragliding, mountain hiking and rafting. If you decides to participate these activities, please evaluate your own health status, learn well the activity requirements and local weather conditions, buy necessary travel insurance in advance, select qualified local travel agencies, fully understand and sign the agreements with regard to the rescue measures and related dispute settlement clauses of the travel agencies when accidents happen. Please take technical training, learn general knowledge of lifesaving, obey the guidance of professionals and comply with relevant management regulations in order to effectively safeguard your own safety and legal rights.

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