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Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan Meets with Wang Yi

On September 8, 2019 local time, Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan met with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Islamabad.

Imran Khan asked Wang Yi to convey his sincere greetings to the Chinese leaders. He said, the Chinese side has always offered timely and strong support and assistance to Pakistan whenever it met difficulties, for which the Pakistani people will always remember. Bilateral friendship enjoys profound public foundation and is unbreakable. Pakistan admires the tremendous development achievements China has made and is willing to learn China's development model, especially China's successful experience in poverty alleviation and anti-corruption. The construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will effectively attract trade, investment and technology from China, enable Pakistan to board the express train of China's economic development and help boost Pakistan's future development. The new government he leads gives top priority to advancing the construction of the CPEC, and has formed a special agency to coordinate and push forward the CPEC cooperation in all aspects. The Pakistani side thanks the Chinese side for its understanding of and support for Pakistan in international affairs and is willing to further strengthen coordination and cooperation with the Chinese side in international and regional affairs.

Wang Yi conveyed sound wishes of the Chinese leaders to Imran Khan. Wang Yi said, since taking office, Mr. Prime Minister has focused on development, vigorously pursued reform, eliminated poverty, and improved people's livelihood. As a result, the policy has delivered initial results, and the economic and financial situation has been constantly improved. The Chinese side is ready to enhance exchanges of experience on state governance and administration with the Pakistani side and share experience on development with Pakistan without any reservation. It is believed that under the leadership of Mr. Prime Minister and with the hard work of the Pakistani people, Pakistan will certainly be able to achieve greater development and play a greater role in international and regional affairs. The Chinese side hails the great importance attached by the Pakistani side to the CPEC, and is willing to join hands with the Pakistani side to extend the CPEC to industrial cooperation to help Pakistan accelerate the realization of industrialization, extend the CPEC to areas related to people's well-being to increase the sense of fulfillment of the Pakistani people, and extend the CPEC to the western and other regions of Pakistan to make its benefits reach the entire country. As the all-weather strategic cooperative partners, China and Pakistan always enjoy mutual understanding, mutual support and mutual trust. The Chinese side appreciates the Pakistani side's firm support over issues related to the Chinese side's core interests and will also continue to firmly support Pakistan in safeguarding its sovereignty, dignity and territorial integrity.

The two sides also exchanged views on the situation in Kashmir. Imran Khan briefed on the Pakistani side's stance and propositions, and welcomed the Chinese side's constructive role in maintaining regional peace and stability. Wang Yi reiterated the Chinese side's stance, and emphasized that the Chinese side stands ready to continue to uphold justice for the Pakistani side and both sides can maintain close communication on developments of regional situation.

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