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Premier Li Keqiang Speaks with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the Phone

Premier Li Keqiang took a phone call from Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the afternoon of 7 April.

Noting that both China and the Netherlands are faced with the challenge of COVID-19, Li expressed China's readiness to enhance cooperation with the Netherlands and other members of the global community in combating the disease and safeguarding global public health security. He highlighted the mutual support and assistance between the two governments and peoples during the outbreak, and said that China would facilitate the purchase of urgently needed medical supplies by the Netherlands from China through commercial channels and their shipment, and would continue to ensure the quality of Chinese exports. Li expressed the hope that the Netherlands would take effective measures to protect the safety and provide for the essential needs of Chinese citizens, especially students, in the Netherlands.

Li stressed that as supporters of free trade, China and the Netherlands, while joining hands in fighting the outbreak, should also work together to uphold the stability and security of the global industrial and supply chains and keep international freight services up and running.

Prime Minister Rutte expressed appreciation for the support and convenience China provided for his country's response effort, and said that this showed the friendship and solidarity between the two countries in time of need. Rutte added that the Netherlands had total trust in the quality of Chinese medical supplies, and would do its best to make Chinese citizens in the Netherlands feel protected and meet their needs. He said that the Netherlands would continue to strengthen cooperation with China and take forward the bilateral ties.

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