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Li Keqiang: As We All Live in This Community with a Shared Future, We Must Work for an Early Victory Against COVID-19 in East Asia

Speaking in Beijing at the Special ASEAN Plus Three Summit on COVID-19 on 14 April, Premier Li Keqiang noted that as COVID-19 is spreading globally, the APT countries are also affected. The virus is gravely threatening the health, safety and life of people around the world. The global economy has come under severe strain, with simultaneous contraction of supply and demand, massive volatility in the financial markets, and plummeting trade and investment.

Premier Li pointed out that as each other's close neighbors, the APT countries have developed a full-fledged industrial chain and a mutually complementary specialization structure. We have gained valuable experience of jointly tackling crises and have put in place mechanisms for enhancing emergency preparedness. The battle against COVID-19 has made us more aware that we are in a community with a shared future. We must act with greater synergy and common purpose, and articulate our determination to work together in closer coordination and cooperation and make a collective response to the epidemic. We should demonstrate the APT's positive and special role in fighting the epidemic and revitalizing the economy, and send a message of partnership, solidarity and mutual assistance among East Asian countries to boost confidence in our region and beyond. Together, we will work for an early victory against COVID-19 in East Asia.

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