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Premier Li Keqiang Chairs Meeting of Central Leading Group On Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak

On 30 April, Li Keqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Premier of the State Council, and head of the Central Leading Group on Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, chaired a meeting of the leading group.

The meeting underlined the imperative to earnestly implement the decisions made at the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee chaired by General Secretary Xi Jinping and carry out the work plans of the leading group.

It required enforcing regularized containment measures, especially among key regions and populations, to forestall any resurgence of infection, and focusing on defusing the risk of case import, to provide solid safeguards for bringing life and work back to normal.

The meeting noted the effective containment of COVID-19 at home, and warned against any complacency as containment becomes a regularized requirement. It urged continued efforts for effective control in key regions.

A contact group will be set up under the State Council's inter-agency task force to track and coordinate the control work in Hubei Province and Wuhan City.

The task force will send a supervisory group to Heilongjiang Province to guide the local efforts in tightening containment. All localities must draw lessons from this recent development and strictly enforce all necessary containment as required.

The meeting required well-calibrated response efforts for the international labor day holiday. The responsibility for containment at all levels must be fully discharged, including specifying and strictly enforcing containment at transportation vehicles, hotels and tourist attractions, fully meeting the personal protection requirements, and rigorously forestalling large gatherings of tourists.

Local governments must have sound contingency plans and enhance emergency preparedness. Any infection, once detected, must be promptly handled with targeted measures, and the transmission route be cut off as quickly as possible. Information should be released in a fact-based, open and transparent manner. No cover-up, under-reporting or delay of disclosure will be allowed.

The meeting stressed the need to refine the criteria for determining the risk levels and emergency response levels on a region-specific basis, to sustain regularized containment. Local governments should set their risk and response levels in a precise way based on the situation on the ground. The scope of containment should be defined, in a science- and law-based manner, down to each and every possible unit, including buildings, hospital wards, residential compounds and villager groups.

Management over community sanitation, rental housing and dormitories, as well as non-locals needs to be strengthened. With necessary containment in place, restrictions on consumer service providers such as shopping malls and restaurants will be lifted in an orderly and category-based manner, and indoor sports venues, libraries and museums will reopen on the basis of advance booking and staggered admission.

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