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Chinese Embassy in the UK Refutes Jeremy Clarkson's Insulting Remarks about China on The Sun

On 7th January 2012, The Sun carried Jeremy Clarkson's insulting remarks about China in the context of the Morecambe Beach tragedy. The Chinese Embassy in the UK sent The Sun a letter in the name of its spokesperson to refute his remarks. On 12th January, The Sun published the main content of the letter, and the full letter is as follows:

"On 7 January 2012, The Sun carried Jeremy Clarkson's malicious comments on China in the context of synchronised swimming at the London Olympics. We deplore and oppose his insulting language, which shows a woeful disrespect of decency and moral standards. We also regret that The Sun has publicised such remarks.

All those innocent lives lost in 2004 Morecambe Beach tragedy deserve deep sympathy. They shouldn't in any way be ridiculed by civilized public and their dignity bears no humiliation.

Mr. Clarkson's remarks are no doubt shocking and disgraceful. And its appearance on The Sun meant nothing short of a serious damage to the newspaper's ethical judgment.

We urge The Sun to publish the statement by the Chinese Embassy spokesperson in line with fair and balanced journalism."

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Established in 1964, The Sun is a UK tabloid with a daily circulation of about 3.2 million.

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