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Plans for the Development of New and Advanced Technology
In order to effectively promote the development and practical application of new and advanced technology the Chinese Government in March 1992 promulgated the National Compendium on Intermediate- and Long-Term Scientific and Technological Development, laying out a grand blueprint highlighting the essential loci of China's plan to develop new and advanced technologies, key technologies and the nation's strategic objectives for the 30 years to come. Since March 1986, China has been taking steps to implement its high-tech research plan, sometimes refered to as the "863 Plan," to keep abreast of the world's latest scientific achievements in biological engineering, spacerlight, information storage and retrieval, laser technology, automation, energy, and new technology.

Beginning in 1988, China has been carrying out the Torch Programme intended to promote the commercial application of the results of research in new and advanced technology and facilitate the development of new and advanced technology industries. By the end of 1994, more than 6,735 projects had been established under the Torch Programme; accumulative increase in total industrial output value reached 142.7 billion yuan and the total volume of pre-tax profits, 24.4 billion yuan. Moreover, 120 new and advanced technology development zones had been set up at various levels, including 52 at the national level, as well as a number of export-oriented enterprises. The efforts have helped enable China's new and advanced technology industries to orient themselves towards the international market, entering into international cooperation and competition.
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