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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Li Baodong, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, at the Security Council Open Debate on Somalia


(March 10, 2011) 

The transitional period in Somalia will come to an end in August, which will usher in a new stage in the settlement of the question of Somalia. It will present daunting challenges while also providing significant opportunities. The many problems facing Somalia are interlinked and mutually reinforcing, and therefore require an integrated response. China believes it is necessary to formulate and

implement a comprehensive strategy for the early realization of peace, security and development in Somalia. That comprehensive strategy should reflect Somalia's ownership and give full play to the important role of the United Nations. In our view, that important strategy should comprise five pillars.

First is the effective promotion of political reconciliation in Somalia. We hope that the Transitional Federal Government will work within the framework of the Djibouti Agreement, complete its constitutional process and other transitional tasks as planned and enter into dialogue as soon as possible with the relevant national parties and international cooperation partners on post-transitional arrangements, with a view to reaching consensus at an early date. We hope that the various Somali parties will seize this opportunity to effectively promote national political reconciliation.

Second is strengthening capacity-building in the security sector. We call on the Transitional Federal Government, with the assistance of international partners, to step up efforts to strengthen the security sector so as to establish at an early date a professional army, capable of maintaining national peace and stability and of protecting the security of the Somali people. We urge the parties concerned to continue to provide donations to the Somali Security Sector Institutions Trust Fund.

Third is the promotion of economic and social development. Supporting the people is a decisive factor in the future of Somalia, and the key to winning the people's support is to show the Somali people the prospect of a good life so that they can have confidence in their country's future. China calls on the United Nations and donors to mobilize more financial and material resources to help Somalia to bring about development. Somalia should have a greater say on questions such as the distribution and implementation of financial assistance.

Fourth is fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia. China calls for deep reflection by the international community on its strategy to combat piracy. Greater attention should be paid to effectively addressing the land-based origins of piracy through political, economic and judicial means.

Fifth is support for the leading role of the African Union. China highly values the important role ofregional organizations, such as the African Union, and of the African Union Mission to Somalia, and calls on the international community to provide more support to the African Union. We support the Security Council in responding positively to the relevant requests of the African Union and in giving favourable consideration to the deployment of a peacekeeping operation in Somalia at an appropriate time.

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