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Statement by Ambassador Wang Guangya, Permanent Representative of China to the UN, at the 60th UNGA Session on Item 72: "Holocaust remembrance"


Mr. President,

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the victory of anti-Fascist war and the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. Please allow me to express, on behalf of the Chinese Government and people, our profound condolences to the 6 million Jewish and other victims of the Holocaust, and our sincere sympathy with all the survivors and the bereaved families of the Holocaust.

Mr. President,

WWII is an unprecedented war in human history. During this war, the Nazi forces planned to wipe out the entire Jewish nation step by step, involving extremely brutal and sanguinary acts, which constituted gross and massive violation against civilizations, human rights and fundamental freedoms. The judgment of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal given at the trials of Nazi German war criminals has upheld international justice and safeguarded human dignity, reflecting the common aspiration of the peace-loving and justice-upholding people in the entire world. This is a historic judgment. Its nature of justice is unshakable and unchallengeable!

Sixty years ago, the military aggressors also brought untold scourge to the Asian people. The casualties in China alone reached 35 million, among which over 300,000 died during the Nanjing massacre in 1937. Like the Jewish people, people in Asia will never forget this chapter in their history.

Mr. President,

Our purpose of emphasizing such indelible memory is not to prolong hatred, but to use history as a mirror and to look into the future. The bitter lessons of WWII and the tragedies in the Nazi concentration camps have told us that the basic values of freedom, democracy, equality, justice and peace cannot be denied, and the process and outcome of civilization cannot be destroyed. All the evil, dark, and reactionary forces are bound to be engulfed by the torrents of history. We hope that the country concerned will draw on lessons from history, pursue peaceful development, and prevent the recurrence of tragedy.

The Chinese delegation supports adding ""Holocaust remembrance" to the agenda of current GA session and adopting a resolution with the same title. We believe that the United Nations shoulders the responsibility to teach the succeeding generations the profound lessons of the Holocaust, refute any words or acts attempting to reverse the verdict of the Holocaust, and prevent the recurrence of such acts of genocide. We are convinced that substantive and consistent deliberations on this item at the GA session will reinforce the efforts of the UN system to carry forward the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, advance dialogue among civilizations and religions, and respect global diversification, thus enabling governments and people of all countries to jointly fulfill the historic mission of maintaining world peace and promoting common development.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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