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Explanatory Remarks by Ambassador WANG Guangya at UN Security Council on Resolution 1672


The Chinese side has all along adopted a prudent attitude towards sanctions imposed by the Security Council. It has proved by the past practices and experiences, instead of leading to expected results, sanctions often turn civilians into victims. That is why China abstained on Resolutions 1556, 1564, and 1591, as well as on Resolution 1672 just now. More importantly, the Chinese side does not believe the time is right for the Council to adopt such a resolution. During the course of consultations, many African and other members of the Council expressed their concerns with issue of timing.

At present, the Abuja talks presided over by the African Union is at a crucial moment. The top of the Council's priorities is to assist the African Union to conclude the Abuja talks by the end of this month, and urge the parties concerned to sign the peace agreement package. This is the most urgent task for the African Union and the international community, including the Security Council. There is still about a week left before the end of the month, and during this special period of time, the Council should set store by the overall political interests and keep a sharp mind. Any action taken should be aimed at enhancing and coordinating rather than obstructing and disrupting the peace talks. If, as a result of this resolution, any party in the Abuja talks starts to question whether it should sign the agreement package, conflicts in Darfur will be prolonged and even exacerbated. The Security Council will then be held responsible.

Like other members, the Chinese side has followed closely the development in Darfur. We hope to see an early solution to humanitarian crisis and relaxation of humanitarian situation. The Chinese side supports AMIS in playing a key role in stabilizing situation in Darfur. We are in favor of bringing into justice those who have gravely violated international humanitarian law and human rights law. The appropriate solution to Darfur issue not only concerns security and humanitarian situation in that region, but also bears on the peace process between the North and the South of Sudan, the neighboring country Chad, and the security and stability of the Central Africa and the sub-region as a whole. On this major issue, the Security Council should send a constructive signal to avoid misunderstanding or even adverse impacts on the whole peace process.

During the discussions of Security Council Sanction Committee, the Chinese Delegation worked with other colleagues and asked for clarifying the evidence of putting people concerned into the sanction list. Regrettably, sponsoring states and expert group have failed to offer any additional materials. Sanction is an extremely prudent step. Under the circumstances of lacking clear details and convincing evidence, some members have asked to end the discussions of Sanction Committee and submit the issue to the Security Council to take action. This runs counter to the practices formed by the Council over the years. It does not conform to the guidelines of the Sanction Committee. We therefore have reservations.

Due to the above, the Chinese Delegation cannot but abstained on Resolution 1672.

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