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Chinese Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Wang Guangya Held a Reception for the Press
(18 November 2003)



In the evening of November 18, 2003, the reception hall on the ground floor of the Chinese Mission to the United Nations in Manhattan was delightfully lighted and full of guests. Ambassador Wang Guangya, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, was holding a reception to meet the press. More than 100 Chinese and foreign press and media representatives stationed at the United Nations and in New York were present upon invitation. They were from such major news agencies as AP, Reuters, ITAR-TASS, AFP, The New York Times and  The Washington Times. Principal officials from the UN Secretariat and its Department of Public Information were also guests of the Ambassador.

Ambassador Wang Guangya started the reception by making some brief welcoming remarks. He expressed his hope that this reception would provide our guests with an opportunity to taste some Chinese food and relax which they well deserved. He said that he would like to make more good friends with those "working in the corridor". The Chinese Mission and all other Missions to the United Nations share one common objective with the press, that is to make the United Nations work more effectively. He and the Chinese Mission are ready to work with the friends from media through better channels of communication to respond to the challenges facing the United Nations. While tasting the delicate Chinese dishes prepared by the Mission and in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, the media representatives of different countries and Ambassador Wang conducted frank and in-depth discussions on such issues of mutual interest as China-US relations, UN reform, six-party talks on DPRK nuclear issue and reconstruction of Iraq. Ambassador patiently answered questions one by one and stated the government positions and policies as well as his personal views and understanding. The reception was full of laughter and permeated with a warm and joyous atmosphere.

Press representatives all felt that Ambassador Wang was a kind, warm and humorous person with a sharp mind and was very at ease with the press. Since he came here three months ago, he has already accepted interviews of a number of news agencies and was almost always available to accept interviews and answer questions, which is widely acclaimed by the press circle here. They have seen the image of the representative of an open and responsible big country. They are willing to become friends of Ambassador Wang and China and are ready to continue to follow closely and report timely on China's diplomacy.

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