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Statement by Chinese Permanent Representative Wang Guangya at Security Council after Adoption of Non-Proliferation Resolution
(28 April 2004)


Mr. President,

China supports the United Nations in playing its due role in non-proliferation. We are in favor of adopting a Security Council resolution on the basis of broad consultations. The Chinese Delegation has taken part in the consultations on the draft resolution in a serious, responsible and constructive manner. The Chinese Delegation is of the view that the current resolution is an effort to enhance and consolidate international cooperation on the basis of existing international law to deal with illicit trafficking of WMD, their means of delivery, and related materials by non-state actors so as to prevent the further proliferation of WMD. Proceeding from this position, the Chinese Delegation has voted in favor of the draft resolution.

Mr. President,

The adoption of Security Council Resolution on Non-Proliferation is of positive significance for deeper international common understanding and faster international non-proliferation process. The fundamental purpose of non-proliferation is to maintain and promote international and regional peace, stability and security. In implementing the resolution, it is essential for us to achieve non-proliferation goals through peaceful means, conduct international cooperation on the basis of equality, mutual trust and strict adherence to the international law, and solve differences through dialogues. At the same time, it is necessary to guarantee the legitimate rights of all countries, especially the developing countries, to utilize and share dual-use scientific and technological achievements and products for peaceful purposes.

China will work hard with all the other parties in the committee of the Security Council and make its due contribution to the effective implementation of the resolution.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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