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Statement by H. E. Mr. LIU Zhenmin, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations, at the Fifth Committee of the 63rd Session of the UN General Assembly, on the Question of Development Related Activities


(New York, 14 October 2008)

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese Delegation would like to thank Deputy Secretary-General Ms. Asha-Rose Migiro and Chairperson of the ACABQ Ms. Susan McLurg for their introductions to this agenda item. My delegation associates itself with the statement made by Antigua and Barbuda on behalf of the Group of 77 and China. Under this agenda item, the Chinese Delegation would like to voice the following views and suggestions:

First, all States should attach importance to strengthening the development pillar of the UN. At the time of its inception, the UN defined development as an important area in which it has a role to play. Development, together with peace and human rights, constitute the three pillars of the work of the UN. Today, with rapid globalization, they are even more closely interlinked. It can be said that without development, world peace will be endangered and there will be no protection of human rights.

Second, all States should stress the urgency of strengthening the UN development pillar. At the Millennium Summit held in 2000, world leaders called upon the UN to focus its efforts on leading global development, and set forth the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Now, half way through the timeline for the implementation of the MDGs, the prospect of their fulfillment does not allow much optimism. There is even a possibility that Africa may not b able to reach the goals on time. At present, problems that are global in nature such as climate change, energy, food and financial crises are cropping up one after another. The UN must enhance capacity building in the area of development in order to play a greater role in furthering the MDGs and in effectively responding to the various crises and challenges.

Third, strengthening the UN development pillar is an important component of the UN reform. Over a long period of time, the UN has been paying more attention to political issues at the expense of development issues. The UN Secretariat failed to attach sufficient importance to development be it in institutional setting, resource allocation and program implementation. In recent years, prompted by Member States, especially the vast number of developing country Member States, the UN has started to turn its attention to development, which has led to a certain improvement of the situation. However, the attention remains inadequate in view of the importance of the issue. We hope that, in the UN reform process, Member States will pay adequate attention to the development pillar.

Fourth, strengthening the UN development pillar requires continuous enhancement of efficiency of the Secretariat. Resource input in the area of development is a prerequisite for enhancing capacity building. What is also required is greater coordination and better management within the UN system and higher efficiency of the Secretariat, so that resources can be effectively used to eradicate poverty, achieve development, and bring real benefit to the vast number of developing countries.

Mr. Chairman,

China attaches importance to and supports the UN's efforts to enhance its leadership capacity building in the area of development with a view to playing a greater role in this regard. China supports the UN reform in the area of development and favors the initiatives aimed at strengthening the relevant development agencies and ensuring the requisite resources. We hope that all sides, when considering this agenda item, will view it from a strategic perspective, namely, from the perspective of the need to maintain peace, promote human rights, and achieve the MDGs. We hope that all will act in the spirit of understanding, cooperation and flexibility, so as to reach agreement on relevant issues at an early date.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


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