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Statement by Ms. CHEN Peijie, Counsellor and Legal Adviser of the Chinese Mission to the UN, at the 63rd Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on "Cooperation between United Nations and Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee" (Item 114)



(3 November 2008)

Mr. President,

It is increasingly important for the United Nations, the most universal international organization of the world, to enhance its cooperation with other international or regional organizations in the face of the challenges of globalization and a myriad of issues in the international arena. The Chinese delegation welcomes the consideration of this important item on "Cooperation between the United Nations and regional and other organizations" in the General Assembly of the United Nations. On this occasion, I wish to make some brief comments on the cooperation between the United Nations and the Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee (AALCO).

The Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee is the only influential intergovernmental organization that is composed of Asian and African states and dedicated to addressing legal matters. Founded in 1956, it was a major outcome of the renowned Bandung Conference held in 1955. For over half a century, the AALCO has consistently worked to promote cooperation and exchanges among Asian and African states in the spirit of unity, friendship and cooperation as advocated by the Bandung Conference. It assists Asian and African states in the practice of international law and in their efforts to promote the progressive development and codification of international law. Comments and proposals made by the AALCO in connection with the relevant items on the agenda of the 6th Committee of the UN General Assembly and that of the International Law Commission serve as an important source of reference for Asian and African states to be involved in discussion on the relevant items in the UN General Assembly and are of great reference value to the work of other legal bodies of the United Nations.

The AALCO enjoys good cooperative relations with the United Nations and its relevant organs. Over the years, the AALCO, the special agencies of the UN such as UNESCO, UNODC and UNHCR, and the International Law Commission sent delegates to each other’s meetings to actively participate in the consideration of relevant items. As a result, cooperation among them has been continuously enhanced and widened.

Mr. President,

Asia and Africa have the largest number of developing countries and the biggest population in the world. Thanks to their efforts over many years, Asian and African countries have achieved enormous progress in political, economic and social fields. Their status and role in international affairs have grown markedly, making them an important force for world peace and common development. As an important platform for exchange and cooperation, the AALCO is bound to play an increasingly positive role in enhancing the effective participation by Asian and African states in the democratization of and rule of law in international relations.

Mr. President,

As a member state of both the UN and the Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee, the Chinese government has consistently supported the AALCO in its efforts to enhance cooperation and deepen exchanges with the United Nations. From this podium, I wish to reiterate that the Chinese government will, as always, continue to contribute to the enhancement of cooperation between the Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee and the United Nations as well as other relevant organs.

Thank you, Mr. President.


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