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Hu Jintao Attends the Roundtable Meeting of the Summit on the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations

On the afternoon of September 15, 2005, Chinese President Hu Jintao attended the roundtable meeting of the summit marking the 60th anniversary of the United Nations and delivered an important speech entitled Adhering to Democratic Consultations and Pushing for the Reform process. Hu stressed that under the new situation the United Nations (UN) faces new challenges. We should seize the historic opportunities to conduct rational and necessary reform of the UN so as to enable the organization to better fulfill the responsibilities defined in the UN Charter.

In his speech Hu raised the following opinions on the UN reform:

First, taking into account the overall situation and adhering to principles. The reform of the United Nations concerns the fate of the organization. We should proceed from the current situation and take a long-term point of view to properly address the issue in an attitude of being highly responsible for people all over the world. The reform should be conducive to adhering to the purpose and principles of the UN Charter, giving better play to the role of the UN and protecting the interest of all the member states. It is an important yardstick for any reform measure.

Second, carrying on democracy and holding extensive consultations. The reform of the United Nations involves the interest of all parties concerned and careful preparations should be made, extensive consultations held and the opinions of different parties be respected. Only in this way can the reform receives wide support and has a solid foundation.

Third, taking active yet prudent measure to move ahead step by step. The reform of the United Nations does have urgency. However, the more urgent the reform is, it will be more necessary to proceed at an appropriate speed and refrain from being impatient for success. Great haste is not always good speed. Decision on the existing reform measures or those on which consensus can be reached should be made and implemented as soon as possible. Opinions can be further exchanged and consensus be sought on the reform measures where major differences still exist. Thus the reform will achieve as many results as possible, help maintain the solidarity among the member states and ensure that the results can withstand the tests of time and practice.

Fourth, priorities should be clarified in the process of comprehensive advancement. The reform of the United Nations covers various areas including security, development, rule of law and institutional reform and requires making overall plans by taking all factors into consideration. Developing nations account for two thirds of UN's total member states. Their opinions should be reflected fully and their interest be protected in a real sense, which is the key to the success of the UN reform. To raise the representation and voice of the developing nations, increase UN's input to solve the development issues and push for the realization of millennium development goals as scheduled should be taken as the top priorities of the reform.

Hu, in conclusion, said that China is a firm supporter of the UN reform. China expects to join hands with all the other member states to promote the healthy progress of the reform and enable the organization to make greater contributions to the lofty undertaking of peace and development of humanity.

During the summit 4 roundtable meetings will be held and each of them can cover the overall agenda of the summit, including the reform of the UN, maintaining world peace and promoting the development cooperation.

The roundtable meeting on September 15 mainly discussed issues related with the UN reform and the development and was chaired by Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer. Leaders or their representatives of about 30 countries including Zambia, Ghana and Colombia attended the me