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Statement by President Hu Jintao of China at the Security Council Summit

Uphold the Authority of the Security Council and
Strengthen Collective Security Mechanism

Statement by President Hu Jintao of China at the Security Council Summit

New York, September 14, 2005

Madam President,
Distinguished Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to attend this historic meeting. I highly appreciate the efforts made by the Philippines and the President for this meeting.

Sixty years ago, the member states of the newly founded UN made maintaining international peace and security the mandate of the Security Council. The past decades have shown that the Council has indeed had an irreplaceable role to play in resolving major global and regional issues bearing on world peace and security.

In today's world, peace and development remain the dominant themes of the times. The world, on the whole, enjoys peace and stability. But it is far from a tranquil place as border disputes, territorial conflicts, regional strife and other traditional security concerns continue unabated and non-traditional ones, such as poverty, terrorism, transnational crimes and deadly communicable diseases, keep cropping up. In order to maintain peace, we should make sure that the Security Council is able to discharge its responsibility under the Charter.

First, we should uphold the Council's authority by adhering to multilateralism. Only by strengthening multilateral cooperation, enhancing the role of the United Nations and maintaining the authority of the Security Council in particular, can we effectively cope with increasing global threats and challenges and truly realize the universal security. When it comes to major issues bearing on world peace and security, the Council should be left to judge on the merits of the actual situation and act collectively in accordance with the UN Charter.

Second, we should improve the Council's efficiency so as to respond to threats more effectively. The Security Council needs a capability of rapid response. Moreover, it should address both the symptoms and root causes of the problems by formulating a comprehensive strategy featuring prevention, peace restoration, peacekeeping and post-conflict reconstruction. Coercive measures alone will not solve the problem for good. What is achieved through dialogue and negotiation may last much longer. China supports an enhanced role of the Security Council in responding to terrorism and other non-traditional security threats, and closer cooperation between the UN and other international or regional organizations in the interest of sharing resources, advantages and strength and responsibilities.

Terrorism constitutes a grave threat to world peace and security. The international community should act on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, make joint efforts and step up cooperation to combat all forms of terrorism effectively. It is necessary to promote dialogue among civilizations and address poverty, backwardness and social injustice, with a view to eliminating the root cause of terrorism.

Third, we should improve the Council's decision making by giving greater expression to democratic principles. The democratization of international relations represents the trend of the times, which ought to be reflected in the Security Council. Developing countries, which make up over two thirds of the UN membership, are obviously underrepresented in the Security Council. China stands for an enlarged Security Council based on a broad consensus, and increased representation of developing countries, African countries in particular, thus giving more countries, especially the small and medium-sized countries greater access to its decision making. The Council's working styles should also be subjected to necessary and appropriate changes, making it easier for non-members, regional groups and civil society to fully reflect their reasonable views.

Fourth, we should pay closer attention to African concerns and increase the Council's input accordingly. This meeting should renew our commitments to Africa, prod the Council to increase its input in Africa, listen more attentively to the concerns and positions of African countries and take into full account their fervent desires for peace, development and cooperation so that the African people can truly benefit from the care and support of the international community.

Madam President,

Distinguished Colleagues,

A better and stronger Security Council will serve the fundamental interests of the UN and all its members. China has always supported the UN in building a new security consensus and maintaining the central role of the Security Council in the world's collective security mechanism. We are ready to work with other member states in advancing the lofty cause of peace and development.

Thank you.

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