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Remarks by Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Zhai Jun on the Political Process in Darfur at 2nd High-Level Consultation on Darfur

China applauds the progress in the political process in Darfur and appreciates the unremitting efforts made by the parties concerned which have made such progress possible. Given the progress in the deployment of peacekeeping operations, an early breakthrough should be made in the political process. This is an important basis for achieving comprehensive and durable peace in Darfur and will facilitate the smooth deployment of the AU-UN Hybrid Mission in the next stage. To achieve this goal, efforts should be made in the following fields:

1. Support should be given to the leading role of the African Union and the United Nations, and the political process should be advanced in an active and proper way in accordance with the "roadmap".

2. The parties concerned should jointly urge the opposition groups in Darfur to speedily reach a common position and actively participate in the negotiations. The Sudanese Government should also be urged to continue to show flexibility on this issue.

3. Support should be given to the resumption of negotiations between the Sudanese Government and opposition groups in Darfur to be held in Tripoli, Libya on 27 October as announced by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Good preparations should be made for the negotiations. Sudanese President Al-Bashir recently announced a ceasefire proposal with the opposition groups, which is aimed at creating a positive atmosphere for the resumption of negotiations. We appreciate this initiative.

4. Support should be given to the establishment of a United Nations fund on Darfur. China is ready to consider making contributions to the fund.

5. The parties to the negotiations should be urged to speedily reach a comprehensive peace agreement on Darfur on the basis of the Darfur Peace Agreement signed in 2006.

The Chinese Government has made every effort to promote the political settlement of the Darfur issue. China will take an active part in the political process in Darfur, work with the rest of the international community and continue to play a constructive role in resolving the Darfur issue.

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