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Remarks by Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Zhai Jun on Humanitarian Situation and Reconstruction for Development in Darfur at 2nd High-Level Consultation on Darfur

To speedily improve the humanitarian situation in Darfur and ease the humanitarian crisis is a major goal in our effort to resolve the Darfur issue. The international community should work together to achieve this goal. The Darfur issue is ultimately about development, and only economic and social development in the region can bring about a fundamental solution to this issue.

Our efforts should focus on the following areas:

First, the international community should provide more humanitarian assistance to Darfur.

Second, all parties should work together to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of humanitarian relief.

Third, efforts should be made to accelerate the Darfur political process, realize a comprehensive and unconditional ceasefire and prevent a new surge of refugees.

Fourth, the international community should unconditionally provide assistance for reconstruction and development to Darfur and help the local people start reconstruction and develop the economy.

The Chinese Government is concerned about the humanitarian situation in Darfur. It has provided humanitarian relief on five occasions. Chinese companies have dug 46 wells in Darfur, and are undertaking in Nyala, capital of South Darfur, an 85-kilometer-long water supply pipeline project with wells and water purification facilities. This project will ease the drinking water shortage and promote agriculture and pastoral farming in the area. In addition, the Chinese companies in Sudan have donated to schools in Darfur distance learning systems, computers and desks to support local education. China also plans to build a hospital in El-Fasher, capital of North Darfur. China will take an active part in Darfur's reconstruction, continue to provide humanitarian and development assistance to Darfur according to its ability, and encourage Chinese companies to contribute more to Darfur's reconstruction and development.

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