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Statement by H. E. Ambassador Liu Zhenmin at the Joint Debate on the Report of the Peacebuilding Commission and the Report of the Secretary-General on the Peacebuilding Fund
New York, 10 October 2007


Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese delegation wishes to thank Ambassador Christian, then acting chairman of the PBC for presenting to the 62nd session of the GA the report on the first session of the PBC. Our thanks also go to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for his report on the operations of the PBF. We support the conclusions and recommendations of the reports.

Mr. Chairman,

Two years ago, world leaders unanimously decided to establish the PBC at the United Nations, bringing hope for peace to people trapped in conflicts. As a member of the PBC, the Chinese delegation is pleased to see that, under the leadership of Ambassador Martins of Angola, chairman of the first session of the committee, the PBC attained fruitful results in its work over the past year in the following areas: First, established sound rules and regulations to ensure orderly and standardized conduct of work; second, set up flexible and diversified formats of meetings and building partnerships with all sides on an equal basis; and third, encouraging ownership on the part of countries concerned, winning their trust, and establishing good working relationships with them.

Of course, as a newly founded body, the PBC still faces a host of challenges, including ways to enhance its value-added role, to coordinate with other UN bodies, and to raise its efficiency. While full of confidence in PBC's work in the coming year, the Chinese delegation wishes to make a few suggestions on ways to improve its work.

Firstly, the PBC should further define its role as an "advisory body". Relevant provisions in resolutions of the GA and the Security Council should be scrupulously implemented. The PBC provides advice to the GA and the Security Council on the one hand and the countries concerned on the other hand. Therefore, the PBC should marshal resources both within and outside the system and make concrete recommendations that address the crux of the problems and can also be effectively put into practice.

Secondly, the PBC should properly define its relationships with other UN bodies. Within the UN system, it should increase its interactions with the GA, the Security Council, and the ECOSOC. It should also fully utilize the resources of UN funds and programmes on the ground to prevent duplication and waste.

Thirdly, the PBC should reach a balance in partnership and ownership. "Partnerships" established with countries concerned by the international community through the PBC are for the international community to provide necessary assistance to the countries concerned, but a "partner" can be no more than a participating party. The destiny of the countries concerned is in their own hands. The international community should not take everything over from them.

Fourthly, the PBC should give consideration to the special needs of African countries. African hot-spot issues account for two thirds of the items on the Security Council's agenda, and most UN peacekeeping operations are in Africa. The PBC should continue to make this an important factor when taking on new countries to be included in its agenda.

Mr. Chairman,

I would also like to mention in particular a major component of the PBC: the Peacebuilding Fund. As a new financing mechanism, the PBF is of a great significance for lauching relevant peacebuilding programs. Its operations over the last year have demonstrated its key role as a "catalyst." While by and large satisfied with the financing and operations of the fund, the Chinese delegation looks forward to the SG's efforts to make sure that the Fund is more transparent and conforms better to standards and norms. The Chinese government will deliver on time its contribution commitment to the Fund.

Mr. Chairman,

Nothing in the world is more precious than peace, nor is there any approach better than cooperation. The PBC embodies everyone's aspirations for peaceful reconstruction and sincere expectations of win-win results through cooperation. Let us join hands and contribute to a bright future for the PBC.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


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