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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Expresses Full Support for the Beijing Olympic Games

On April 17, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met at the UN headquarters with President Hu Jintao's special representative, Vice Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was in New York for a Security Council high-level open debate. Mr. Ban Ki-moon said that he and the United Nations fully supported the Beijing Olympic Games and opposed linking the Olympic Games with politics. He expressed his belief that, with the support of the Chinese Government and people, the Beijing Olympic Games would surely be a success and serve as a platform for promoting world peace, harmony and cooperation as well as the mutual understanding of people in different countries.

Mr. Wang Yi said that the Olympic Games represent the aspiration of not only the Chinese people, but also people across the world. Any disruption of this great international sports event is against the will of the people. The Beijing Olympic Games will be crowned with success.

The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Vice Minister Wang Yi also exchanged views on China-UN cooperation, Darfur, Myanmar, and the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.


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