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Wang Yi Talks about China's Three Propositions on Current Gulf Crisis


On July 19, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met at request with visiting Minister of State Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and expounded China’s stance on the current Gulf crisis.

Wang Yi expressed that maintaining stability in the Gulf region, safeguarding unity among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and jointly fighting against terrorism by all countries in the Gulf region conform to the common interests of regional countries and the international community. As a good friend and good partner of all countries in the Gulf region, China hopes and believes that the Gulf crisis will be solved properly. China’s stance can be summarized in following three points: First, support the general direction of political and diplomatic settlement. All parties should act according to the norms of international relations and earnestly fulfill respective international obligations. Second, support the resolving of the current disputes in Arab ways within the GCC framework, and stick to the principle of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs. Countries outside the region should play a constructive role in realizing reconciliation. Third, support all parties in sitting down and conducting dialogues to show flexibility to each other. The first thing is to reach an agreement on the general goal of opposing terrorism in any form, and then on this basis, settle other differences from easy to difficult in a step-by-step manner. China believes that all relevant parties including the UAE are capable of well controlling the current situation and having the wisdom to well resolve differences. China is willing to, when needed by all parties, play a constructive role in easing the situation and promoting the peace and stability in the Gulf region.

Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber said that the UAE sticks to resolving differences through political and diplomatic ways, has no intention to interfere in the internal affairs of Qatar and other countries and hopes the tension will not be further escalated. The UAE expects all parties to reach consensus on such major issues as anti-terrorism, observe agreements that have been signed, and honor their commitments that have been made, in a bid to open up a new page of relations among GCC member states. China is a responsible major country with important influence. Appreciating China for adhering to an objective and fair stance when dealing with the Gulf affairs, the UAE agrees with Wang Yi’s three propositions, and stands ready to continuously maintain communication and coordination with China.

Both sides also exchanged views on bilateral relations, agreed to enhance practical cooperation in such areas as energy, industrial parks and ports under the framework of the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”, as well as discussed trilateral cooperation toward Africa, so as to achieve the goal of win-win and all-win results.

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