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Wang Yi: China Sticks to Four-point Principles on Libyan Issue


On July 19, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expounded China’s stance on the Libyan issue when meeting the press with Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui of Tunisia in Beijing after their talks.

Wang Yi noted that China sticks to the four-point principles on the Libyan issue: First, respect and safeguard Libya’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. Second, uphold the general direction of political settlement. The future of Libya should be left to the Libyan people. All parties in Libya should resolve differences through dialogues and negotiations, and find a solution that can accommodate all parties’ interests through political channel. Third, the consensus on counter-terrorism should be constantly pooled and international and regional counter-terrorism cooperation should be enhanced. With the advancement of the war against terrorism in Iraq and Syria, Libya has become an important direction of the spill of terrorism. Things should be done to prevent Libya from becoming the next Syria. Fourth, we should, on the premise of adhering to the UN’s leading, listen to the views of neighboring countries of Libya and take care of Tunisia's reasonable concerns and that of other Libya’s neighboring countries, so as to jointly find a long-term solution to the settlement of the Libyan issue.

Wang Yi expressed that the development is the first priority for the countries in West Asia and North Africa, and peace and stability are the premises of achieving development. The Chinese side has always been actively supporting and participating in mediation efforts of the international community with the UN as the leading force, and provides humanitarian assistance to Libya and its neighboring countries within its own capacity. China is willing to, together with partners in this region, jointly push forward the political settlement of the Libyan issue.

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