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Beijing Six-Party Talks Continues


On June 24, 2004, the Third Round of the Six-Party Talks in Beijing continued its plenary session in Fangfeiyuan, Diaoyutai State Guest House. The Chinese, Japanese and Russian delegations put forward their respective proposals and suggestions on the resolution of the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula. The parties also held discussions on the specific solutions that have been put forward.

Head of the Chinese delegation and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi elaborated the principled position of China on the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula and China's suggestions on launching the first-phase actions. He said that the third round of talks had got a stable and good start, which is embodied in the following aspects. First, the parties reaffirmed the important consensus that had been reached to date, which has become the basis for further progress. Second, during the talks, all the parties put forward their respective specific solutions or suggestions for the nuclear issue, which showed their political will of promoting the talks to progress forward. Third, all the parties are willing to look into solution proposals put forward by other parties in an earnest and forward-looking manner, which reflected their spirit of mutual respect and consultation on an equal footing. He stressed that to continue to promote the peace talk process is the common aspiration of the international community and conforms to the interests of all parties. It is hoped that the parties will continue to show flexibility, expand consensus and narrow differences so as to promote the peace talks to make its first step in resolving the substantive issues.

On the same day, the delegations held their respective bilateral consultations.

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