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Speech of Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing at the Opening Ceremony of the Fourth Round of Six-Party Talks


Distinguished chiefs of delegation, ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Chinese government, I'd like to extend warm welcome to our old and new friends and express great admiration for your constructive efforts to resume the Talks and spirit of being committed to peace.

In the first three rounds of Talks, we have reached consensus on adhering to the goal of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, following the direction of peaceful solution through dialogue and maintaining peace and stability on the Peninsula, which deserves to be cherished and is widely welcomed by the international community.

Having waited for one year, all parties concerned and the international community expect to see new progresses of this round of Talks. To build a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula and maintain the long-term peace and stability in the region are in the fundamental interest of all parties concerned. To adhere to the direction of peaceful talks is the only correct choice complying with the interest of all the parties, and the Six-Party Talks are the realistic and effective way of peacefully solving the nuclear issue on the Peninsula through dialogue.

I hope that all parties concerned can realize our historical responsibility and lofty mission, take a flexible and pragmatic attitude during the Talks, respect each other, conduct dialogue on an equal footing, hold comprehensive consultations, increase mutual understanding and trust, seek common ground while putting aside differences, highlight common consensus, seek the highest common divisor in the interest of all parties concerned and push for positive progress of the Talks on the basis of consolidating the achievements of the past three rounds of Talks.

We must admit that there still exist differences in the position of all concerned parties and the Talks might encounter various difficulties and twists and turns. However, nothing is impossible to a willing mind. We believe that we will finally eat our fill by biting gradually, finally get the destination step by step and reach the peak after climbing numerous slopes. China will continue coordinating and cooperating with related parties to make relentless efforts to realize denuclearization of the Peninsula and maintain regional peace and stability.

Thank you!

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