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Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo Meets with the Heads of Delegations to the Six-Party Talks


At noon, July 28, 2005, Vice Chinese Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo met with the heads of delegations to the fourth round of Six-Party Talks on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

Dai said that the fourth round of Six-Party Talks enjoy a sound atmosphere. With the political will of pushing for progress of the Talks, all parties concerned have conducted communications and exchanges in various forms and frank, in-depth and pragmatic discussions on how to realize denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and define the general objective for the Six-Party Talks. It can be said that the Talks are moving in the right direction.

He pointed out that since the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue is complicated it is normal for parties concerned to have different stances. The more difficult the problem is, the greater the significance and value will be once we find the right solution.

Dai stressed that it is the general trend of development and the common aspiration of the people to peacefully solve the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue through dialogue and open new situation of peace and development on the Peninsula. He hopes that all parties concerned cherish the opportunity of the resumption of Six-Party Talks and make best use of this good beginning to expand common ground, narrow down differences and jointly push for positive achievements from the Talks.

The heads of delegations expressed willingness to make joint efforts for substantive result of the talks.

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