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Traditional Tibetan Medicine


Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) has a history of over 2,000 years. TTM, practiced by Tibetan people generation after generation in their struggle against natural disasters and diseases, is a resplendent jewel in the great treasure house of China's traditional medicine. With unique theoretical system and rich clinical experience, TTM has made tremendous contributions to public health, especially to the reproduction of Tibetan ethnic group. In addition, it has also formed a complete theoretical system concerning the growth. classification and properties of medicinal herbs, as well as prescription and preparation of herbal medicines. The Central Government has always paid great attention to TTM and encouraged its further development and improvement. Famous ancient medical works such as Tibetan Medical Code and Four-Volume Medical Code have been collated, translated and published. A number of TTM monographs have also been published, including A New Compendium of Tibetan Medicinal Herbs and A New Compendium of Tibetan Medicine.

Rare traditional Tibetan medicine "Rannasangpei'' twice won gold medals at the International Conference on Traditional Medicine, while another medicine "Zuotai'' won a state patent. In 1993, the Ministry of Public Health held a symposium on Tibetan medicine standards in Lhasa. So far, Tibet has laid down standards for 11 kinds of local medicinal herbs and 40 kinds of medicines, a key step for TTM to gradually enter both the domestic and international markets.

Medical scientific research has helped develop a correct understanding of the pathology, physiology and clinical manifestation of serious mountain sickness such as highland pulmonary edema and coma, and emergency treatment has reached advanced international level. At the same time, great advances have been made in the study of preventive medicine.

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