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Concluding Words


Experts warn that the geographical and climatic conditions of Tibet make its ecology very fragile; Once damaged, it can hardly recover.

Obviously, Tibetan economy is still underdeveloped. To quicken the pace of development for the betterment of their own life is an urgent desire of the Tibetans. Attempt to keep the backward mode of production and lifestyle of the Tibetans under any pretext goes against the wishes of the Tibetans and the tide of history and is bound to fail.

While seeking economic takeoff, Tibet is making valuable explorations in environmental protection. Deputy director of Tibetan Environmental Protection Bureau Jiamusi said: ''Tibet must not lose vigilance because it still has the bluest sky in the world. Nor must it achieve development at the cost of environment and take the old path of treating pollution only after it has played havoc.''

Environment is the basis on which human existence depends. With the progress of science, productive forces becomes more and more sophisticated and humans wrest more and more materials and energy from Nature. Thus, the havoc over environment is getting more and more serious - -so much so that there are very few ''oases'' in the world that are still not spoilt by humans. In this sense, to harmonize relations between development and environmental protection and adjust relations between humans and Nature so that the unique ecology of Tibet keeps intact will have global significance. It is also a service to humanity.

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