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A Pure and Unspoilt Land: Tibetan Environment


A Tibetan song has these words:" The sky is turquoise, the sun is golden.'' Countless old songs and ballads like it sing praises of the brilliant sun of Tibet and the beautiful rivers and mountains bathed in it.

Tens of millions of years ago, as a result of massive orogenic movement, the spectacular Himalayas, the Kangdese, Kunlun and Tanggula mountains rose to form the Roof of the World. For thousands of years, the Tibetans have lived on this charming, mysterious plateau, bringing forth splendid culture. At the same time they have forged close ties with the formidable, grim natural environment.

Despite the great changes in human society over the ages,Tibet is still one of the areas with the best preserved ecology in the world. With economic development and environment protection as the dual theme of modern times, Tibet still keeps the two harmonious.

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